Retreat with Ma MokshaPriya Shakti

April 28th - 30th 2017

Let Go and Live: Many times we are held back from living the life we want or living our dream. At this Retreat we will examine what causes us to hold back and how we can change

Ma Moksha Priya Shakti, Acharya of Ma Yogashakti International Mission in New York city will conduct this retreat on the topic of Self Mastery through Meditation and Creativity. She is a dynamic teacher with 40 years of experience in teaching Yoga. Come listen to her wisdom

Spend a weekend in the wooded seclusion of Yogashakti Mission, Palm Bay, Florida. This Ashram was created by Ma Yogashakti and is purified and energized by her. Learn meditation; take part in three Hatha Yoga classes; learn deep relaxation. Accommodation is shared or you may prefer to bring a tent, or sleep in the beautiful screened pavilion.

Some reviews of sleeping in the "Screened pavilion" during the Memorial Day Retreat in May 2015.

"At Yogashakti Mission there is a tremendous screenhouse like pagoda with carpets and a tall wooden pointed ceiling. It is like sleeping in a cathedral open to the breeze and swaying pines. Much cooler than I imagined, bug free, and I had plenty of restful slumber" - Laura
"The Pavilion is very large, screen-enclosed with large carpets. The high ceiling makes the whole area very breezy and cool, even in the summer. Lights go out at 9pm and everything is quiet and peaceful." - Barbara

Sunshine Lecture during retreat with Mataji in Florida - May 2011
Photo taken May 29th 2011